Monday, 13 July 2009

Introduction and rationale

I have another blog titled 'Pukul Pelaga'. The main difference is  'Seni Pukul Pelaga' is meant to be totally on the Malay  martial art system of Pukul Pelaga.  This would include among other things the story of its beginning, some current updates, and brief outlines of the concepts and techniques.

Seni Pukul Pelaga basically means Art of Pukul Pelaga.  One of the meanings of Pukul Pelaga is 'techniques used by a fighter'.   From its conception it is a comprehensive martial art system, unlike most other systems.  As such it is not easy to talk in detail about Pukul Pelaga.

My vision is to give a fair idea of what Pukul Pelaga is all about.  It is more than 70 years old.  It was not well known due to the original policy of teaching only serious students.  

That is it for this post.